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Gizem has actively performed as a singer from an early age, and as an instrumentalist since the age of 15. 

Although stylistically versatile, she studied classical Cello in Istanbul where she was born and was an active member of the chamber orchestra Kopuz Oda Orkestrası. While doing her classical studies, she continued to sing and started to experiment with different genres such as Jazz, Rock and Folk. 

Being half English and half Turkish her interest in world music was quite present from an early age. She eventually developed a passion for eastern Folk music and started using her voice, Cello, Ud and Buzuki in Balkan and Turkish Folk and Rock bands. 

Presently she performs as a soloist on a regular basis with the band Amal Trio with a repertoire of Turkish, Bulgarian, Roma Gypsy and Greek songs around Switzerland and with the project choir Ensemble Liberté from Basel whom she has toured with in Europe. She also continues to perform with different project choirs and bands mainly in Switzerland.

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